Clip Review: Black & Blue Balls – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

If there is a more beautiful woman on the planet than Goddess Kayla Jane, I have yet to see her.  With glamorous Goddess looks and a body that could bring any man to his knees in an instant, Goddess is simply irresistible.  It’s not at all surprising that you’ve become obsessed with her.  You dream of her perfect legs and that ass that is like a glimpse of heaven on earth, and that is to be expected.  What is truly pathetic, however, is that you know you’ll never have her, yet as she tells you this reality, it actually excites you even more.  The more she denies you, the deeper your addiction is and the more you fall in love with Goddess Kayla Jane.  Knowing that she finds you disgusting, and that she would never stoop so low as to be with a loser like you gets your dick hard and makes you want to stroke.  So go ahead, do what you do best, stroke your dick to Goddess Kayla Jane’s perfect beauty.  Show her how weak and pathetic you really are for her.  You don’t deserve it, you will never get it, and you’ll never be in the league that Goddess Kayla exists in.  But that just makes you want to pump that dick even harder, doesn’t it loser? She’s devious, evil and perfect.  Her body was made for the Gods, not a pawn like you.  She is perfection and you are less than adequate.  So be sad and weak as you drool over her gorgeous body.  Stroke and adore.  Be pathetic for your gorgeous Goddess.
You jerking off to Goddess Kayla Jane is inevitable, whether she wants it or not.  So she may as well have some fun and humiliate you.  She’ll let you jerk, stroke and drool all you want, but you will NOT cum for her.  She is there to tease and deny you.  No love, no orgasm and no attention for you.  You will simply stroke and deny yourself, stamping out your orgasm any way it takes.  Hands off if you can’t handle Goddess Kayla Jane’s rules.  Edge and deny.  Rub yourself raw so that it hurts and is a constant reminder of who’s in control and how you don’t deserve to cum for Goddess Kayla Jane.  She’s going to set you up on a stroking schedule, making sure you suffer in agony, filling those balls so full and backing them up to the point of being black and blue.  She wants you in delicious agony over what you will never have.  She smiles that devious smile of hers that makes you so weak as she thinks about you sitting alone with your balls aching, unable to release as you think about the real man that gets to have that perfect Goddess body.  Will you stroke until you’re in severe enough pain that you will scream out to Goddess Kayla Jane begging for release? She wishes she could hear you suffer.  She loves when you suffer for her.  Submit to Goddess Kayla and accept your personal jerk off schedule, but until then, rub it raw and don’t you dare cum.  That cock belongs to Goddess Kayla and she will decide when you’ve earned an orgasm…if you ever do!

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Clip Name: Black & Blue Balls
Models In The Clip: Goddess Kayla Jane Danger
Date Reviewed: January 13th, 2018
Where the clip is available: KaylasKinkShop
Cost of the clip: $11.99

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