Clip Review: Bank THEN Spank – Featuring Goddess Gwen

Of course you want to stroke.  Every man who finds themselves in the presence of the beautiful and busty blonde Temptress, Goddess Gwen, feels an overwhelming ache to touch themselves.  With her long blonde hair, perfect huge breasts, long legs and tight ass, she’s built to seduce and arouse men.  Goddess Gwen knows how hot she is and she doesn’t even mind men stroking their cocks to her perfection…as long as they pay for the privilege! That’s right, slaveboy, if you want to stroke that cock of yours to Goddess Gwen you’d better visit the bank first and make sure to give your Goddess a big, fat tribute.  Bank…then spank.  A view as spectacular as Goddess Gwen is only for the most generous.  Are you up to the challenge? Will you spend to stroke to the woman of your dreams? Don’t keep Goddess waiting.  Get out that cash and show her you’re worthy of stroking your cock in her presence. 
Each time you stroke and pay, Goddess Gwen conditions you a little more to learn that cumming and cash go hand in hand.  Will you find yourself throbbing as you visit the ATM and withdraw a huge tribute for Goddess? Are you rubbing your hard dick through your pants the entire time you’re pushing those buttons to complete your withdrawal? Go ahead, slave.  Give that cock a nice squeeze as you send your tribute and kneel down as you take in the spectacular view of Goddess Gwen squeezing and caressing those magnificent breasts of hers.  Will you stroke to her tits…her feet…her legs? Listen to her coaxing you towards that edge and stroke faster.  Pay for your orgasm.  Goddess Gwen owns that cock between your legs and stroking is a “pay to play” proposition for you.  Are you ready to spill that load for your perfect Findom Goddess? Such a good boy…banking and wanking.  You learn quickly to play by Goddess Gwen’s rules.

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Clip Name: Bank THEN Spank
Models In The Clip: Goddess Gwen
Date Reviewed: November 30th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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