Clip Review: “At Risk” Masturbation Therapy – Featuring Princess Rene


Sitting down with a therapist to discuss your chronic masturbation habits must be excruciatingly embarrassing at any time, but when your therapist is a drop-dead gorgeous, supermodel lookalike, well that’s downright hellish.  Reaching out, she shakes your hand and you are drawn in by her awesome beauty.  There are beautiful women, and then there are Goddesses among us like Princess Rene.  She speaks of a study recently published about the negative impact of chronic masturbation, but you are completely distracted, already rock hard and aching to stroke in the presence of such distracting perfection.  And as she explains that she’s going to test your ability to control yourself in an erotic environment, your heart begins to race.  This gorgeous Goddess is going to tempt you with her sensual teasing and overwhelming beauty and see if you are an “at risk” masturbator or not.  Being aroused in the presence of a beautiful woman like Princess Rene is completely normal, and to be expected.  However, if you find yourself unable to control your urges and cannot stop yourself from stroking your cock, well that will tell your beautiful therapist everything she needs to know as she will determine that you are beyond compulsive and have a highly developed addiction to masturbating.  Slipping open her dress, revealing her stunningly perfect body, she explains that the test has begun.  How will you fare? Will you get hard…of course.  Will you lose control and stroke…to be determined.
Hearing her talk about uncontrollable urges to stroke, pulling your cock out and jerking off all while she runs her hands up and down her beautiful body…well that’s something very few men could resist.  Your cock is swollen and ready to burst as you can barely contain yourself.  Slowly, unable to hold back, you relent…at first squeezing the bulge through your pants as Princess Rene continues to encourage and tease you.  Before long, you simply cannot resist any longer and you take out your engorged cock and begin stroking to your beautiful therapist.  She is temptation in the flesh.  With a rush of lustful desire, you furiously begin pumping your dick right there in her office, miserably failing her test of control, confirming for her to see that you are, in fact, a chronic “at risk” masturbator.  She tells you she knew the moment you walked into her office with a desperate look in your eye, that you would be in the “at risk” category.  She’s already pegged you for a pathetic loser who must jerk off at every opportunity.  So go ahead and stroke for your Princess.  It feels so fucking good to stroke in her presence. Her training has proven you to be very horny, desperate and weak.  The way you stroke as she bends over and teases you with her perfect bubble butt almost pushes you over the edge.  Try to slow it down a little and show some control.  Impress your new therapist as you try to learn to control yourself.  She’s here to help, right? Let Princess Rene help you in small steps to gain some measure of control over your stroking.  Enjoy the moment instead of furiously pumping to orgasm.  She can tell you’ll need a lot more treatment, and her “at risk” therapy is incredibly expensive, but you’ll pay because the idea of more of this with Princess Rene has actually turned your lustful weakness up to full volume! Stroke out that big load for Princess Rene and cum for her…only for her! Good boy…now clean yourself up and schedule your next session with her secretary.  This will be a very long, and very expensive rehabilitation, but don’t worry, you’re in excellent hands.

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Clip Name: “At Risk” Masturbation Therapy
Models In The Clip: Princess Rene
Date Reviewed: January 10th, 2018
Where the clip is available: Kinkbomb
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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One comment on “Clip Review: “At Risk” Masturbation Therapy – Featuring Princess Rene”

  1. Professor W says:

    Such a great clip! When it comes to The Irresistible Princess Rene, EVERY man is at risk!

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