Clip Review: Associating Your Pleasure With Mine – Featuring Trixie Miss

Trixie Miss - Associating Your Pleasure With Mine

When did it begin? Was it with your first glance of those perfect long legs? When you heard her sensual voice invade your mind, leaving you helpless and vulnerable? It’s impossible to pinpoint the beginning of your obsession and addiction, but rest assured, you belong to Trixie Miss.  She has conditioned you slowly, effortlessly, until you exist to please her.  Serving her is the greatest reward you can imagine as a slave, and you obey unconditionally.  With every slow caress of her long legs, every tease with her exquisite ass and softly spoken command, she digs in a little deeper into your psyche.  You’re lost without Trixie Miss’ guidance and she’s in complete control. Pleasure and denial.  Each hinges completely on how you behave and how well you serve.  Can you feel the connection she’s woven so tightly? Are you even consciously aware of how your pleasure is tied to how hard you work as her slave to please your Goddess?
As she teases you so easily, the lust pours over you.  You want to stroke, you want to feel that release only Trixie Miss will grant you.  She owns you, she owns your cock, and she is the keyholder of your pleasure.  You don’t lay a finger on that throbbing cock of yours without permission, let alone stroke it.  Is that clear? Be a good boy and please your Goddess and perhaps she will grant you pleasure.  This is a simple equation…when Trixie Miss is pleased, you are granted pleasure.  When you disappoint your Mistress, she will send you crawling into the corner and deny you what you so desperately desire.  Those long legs will forever haunt you.  She is beautiful, sensual and a mindfuck artist.  The spell Trixie Miss has woven over you will never be undone.  Not that you want to escape, but even if you tried, her bonds are too tight on your mind.  Your pleasure is tied directly to hers.  Understand this simple truth and you will behave in a way that will ensure she is pleased with you and rewards you for your good behaviour.  That’s a good boy.  Do everything to please Trixie Miss.  You know that is what you both desire, right pet?

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Clip Name: Associating Your Pleasure With Mine
Models In The Clip: Trixie Miss
Date Reviewed: August 31st, 2017
Where the clip is available: Clips4sale
Cost of the clip: $8.99

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