Clip Review: Ass & Feet Addiction – Featuring Goddess DawnAvril

She is desire embodied, and with one glance of those enchanting eyes, she captures you forever.  You’ve lusted after Goddess DawnAvril since her emergence into adulthood at 18, and with every clip release she deepens your addiction.  How easily she entrances you with a simple wiggle of her perfect, painted toes.  Your desire to worship boils up as you take in those perfect feet and long legs leading to that most exquisite ass of hers.  And you begin to beg…beg for the privilege to kiss and lick such perfection as you kneel before Goddess DawnAvril.  She knows exactly what she’s doing and the effect it has on men.  She knows that a sly smile as she looks down at you drooling as she sways her hips side to side is enough to make you hers forever.  You never stood a chance.  She is so beautiful that resisting her is simply impossible and its time to drop to your knees and embrace your servitude.  The privilege of worshiping those amazing feet and looking up at that gorgeous curvy ass is one that any man should aspire to.  Earn your place at her feet and show your stunning brunette Goddess that you belong to her and there is nothing you won’t do to secure your position as her adoring slave. 
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I have said many times on this site that true dominance isn’t a show of force, binding a slave such that they are unable to resist what a Femdom Goddess wants to do to them.  Instead, sensual control, making a slave WANT to endure whatever is asked of him…now that is true power.  Watching Goddess DawnAvril in action, you know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to please her.  She knows it too.  She smiles knowing the power she has over you and the ability she holds to demand of her lustful boys and be obeyed in an instant.  She has grown from an irresistibly hot 18 year old who had a notion of just how desirable she was, into a full-fledged Goddess who understands the power her beauty grants her.  Feel her impose her will on you with just a simple tease…a glance at you with those eyes that see so deeply into you, there’s no hiding any secrets from her.  You’re in way over your head and your lust is like a wildfire burning out of control.  Exactly as Goddess DawnAvril wants you to be, weak and willing to do anything to please her.  That’s a good boy.  Adore her sexy feet, beg for the privilege of kissing that sensational ass as she teases you mercilessly.  This is your new life…embrace it!

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Clip Name: Ass & Feet Addiction
Models In The Clip: Goddess DawnAvril
Date Reviewed: January 28th, 2018
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $13.97

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