Clip Review: All The Way Bitch – Featuring Mistress Tangent

It is the ultimate form of submission.  Nothing strips a man of any thoughts that he holds any power in a relationship more completely than having his ass taken by a Goddess’ strapon dildo.  Bound, bent over, and totally vulnerable, all a slave can do is wait for the impending invasion deep inside him.  He will feel what it is like to be taken, rather than being the taker.  He will experience the dominance of the woman behind him, burying her strapon so deep he can’t even form words to protest. 

Even when a slave has pleased her, Mistress Tangent has a cruel streak that almost matches her perfect beauty.  She loves to make her boys squirm, groan and cry out.  Your suffering excites her in ways that should scare you.  But when you show up and disobey her commands to get completely undressed by leaving on your tighty-whitey underwear, you can’t expect anything but a hard, relentless ass fucking, right slave?

Tearing his unwanted manties off his ass, Mistress Tangent humiliates her slave verbally as only she can do.  He is a worthless piece of meat and is about to get used by his Goddess.  Stuffing his shredded underwear into his mouth, Mistress begins to ream his ass.  She’s not gentle, and he doesn’t deserve mercy.  Through the underwear, his muffled groans tell you he’s suffering as her huge strapon opens him up as Mistress fucks him. 

His ass is to be thoroughly punished for his transgression, and I think it’s very safe to say that Mistress Tangent has made it clear that this kind of disobedience is to never happen again.  I’m confident her slave will remember this lesson for a long time after, particularly when he tries to sit down!

Mistress Tangent is at her absolute hottest when she’s ruthlessly taking a man.  Her disregard, actually, her pleasure taken as her slave suffers, is incredible to watch.  She is so erotic as she smiles and laughs at how her strapon makes him groan in pain.  She enjoys punishing her bitch…and though it doesn’t sound like it…perhaps he likes it a little too!

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Clip Name: All The Way Bitch
Models In The Clip: Mistress Tangent
Date Reviewed: January 11th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $6.95

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