Clip Review: 2 Orgasms 1 Hour – JOI – Featuring Goddess Alexa

Princess Alexa - 2 Orgasms 1 Hour - JOI - iWantClips

“I’ve always heard that the 2nd time you cum it’s so much more intense”.  And with that, Goddess Alexa tells you that she’s going to have you spending the next hour edging and stroking under her command, and granting you permission to cum not once, but twice, for her.  For those of us that have been teased and denied by the beautiful Goddess Alexa, left blue-balled and in frustrated agony, this is nirvana! Permitted to cum twice during the same clip? How wonderfully generous of your Goddess to allow you two orgasms at one time! With every clip you buy, Goddess Alexa digs her claws a little deeper into you.  Each time you cum for her, she owns another little piece of your soul.  Your addiction deepens and she wraps you a little tighter around her little finger.  She’s intoxicating, and her beauty and sensual teasing leaves you unable to resist.  Give everything to your Goddess Alexa.  She is everything you dream of…everything you cannot live without.
Dressed in sexy lingerie, Goddess Alexa’s amazing breasts are pushed up and out leaving you drooling from your mouth and your cock.  She is a vision of erotic pleasure in fishnets and lingerie.  Her sensual voice tells you how to stroke exactly as she wants you to as she has you tie up your cock and balls and tells you she knows exactly how to make you feel good.  Gripping your cock, she tells you that you may only cum with Goddess’ permission.  Experience how good it feels to stroke to the perfection that is Goddess Alexa.  She drives you wild with her seductive teasing, and no one can make you harder than your dream girl.  Jerk for your Goddess.  She’s the young brat of your fantasies and stroking to her is the hottest sexual experience of your pathetic life.  Nothing else matters but pumping your dick to your gorgeous Temptress.  No orgasm has ever felt better than those that Goddess teases out of you.  And today, she’s going to push you over that edge twice.  When you recover from cumming so hard, you’d better say thank you to your Goddess in the only way that means anything to her…with a tribute.  And don’t get used to being allowed to cum so freely…this was a special treat.  Tomorrow it’s back to denial and aching while Goddess Alexa drives you mad with lust.  Enjoy this incredibly erotic opportunity that Goddess has granted you.  She loves having total control over your cock.  She can deny you, she can drain you, and she can do whatever the fuck she wants with you.  It’s so easy to drain every drop from you, leaving nothing for your wife or girlfriend.  Who owns you, slaveboy? That’s right.  You belong to Goddess Alexa.  Good boy!

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Clip Name: 2 Orgasms 1 Hour – JOI
Models In The Clip: Goddess Alexa
Date Reviewed: June 26th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $75.00

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