Clip Review: 125 Days of CHASTITY! – Featuring Goddess Jasmine Mendez & Mistress Ezada Sinn


125 days.  More than 4 months.  That’s how long Goddess Ezada’s loyal slaveboy has been kept in chastity, cock locked away, unable to experience the pleasure of cumming.  His only relief, if you can call it that, is being let loose and teased to the edge each week, only to be locked away again with no release at all. 

Today, Goddess Ezada has escalated the torment by inviting the beautiful and wicked Goddess Jasmine to join her in her dungeon.  Both Goddesses look resplendent in shiny black catsuits, corsets and boots.  Their spectacular curves are on full display and slave is about to be teased to his breaking point! Kissing his chastity key fondly, slave awaits his release from chastity as he looks upon the two perfect Goddesses before him.  Everything about Goddess Ezada and Goddess Jasmine arouses men.  They are spectacular beauties who know exactly what buttons to push to create lust, desire and servitude.  As his cock is freed from the chastity device, the Goddesses set about tormenting him by pressing their breasts to his face and rubbing their gorgeous bodies over him.  As if that’s not enough, Goddess Ezada brings out a Hitachi and begins vibrating her slave’s cock while Goddess Jasmine flaunts her amazing cleavage in his face.  His moans and cries tell you that the pleasure is overwhelming, but slave knows that to cum would mean serious punishment, the greatest of which being the disappointment he would feel from his two Goddesses.

Slave is on the edge almost instantly, and is kept there by the Hitachi, and later a pulsating cock sleeve that should make him cum almost instantly.  The Goddesses keep the pulse setting just low enough that he’s brought to the edge but unable to release.  The agony in his voice, and on his face, tell you that he is suffering immensely.  If you’ve ever been in chastity, you know that it takes almost nothing to arouse you.  Now imagine having all the visual and physical stimulation of these two Queens doing whatever they wish to you, and imagine trying not to cum!

By the time her slave is begging for mercy and permission to cum, both Goddesses have laughed at him and humiliated him thoroughly.  And now for the cruelest part of all.  As his cock aches to cum and his frustration is off the charts, Goddess Ezada brings out his chastity device and locks him away yet again.  With his cock struggling to even stay hard after all this time, Goddess Jasmine informs him that if he were her pet, she would never let him cum again.  Goddess Ezada may just agree to this and slave is terrified at never having a release.  Such is the price paid to live in servitude to a woman as powerful and beautiful as Goddess Ezada.  And Goddess has cruel, gorgeous friends like Goddess Jasmine at the ready to help make your torment agonizing any time it’s needed!

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Clip Name: 125 Days of CHASTITY!
Date Reviewed: January 7th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $19.99

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