Clip Review: 100 Years Of Slavery – Featuring Goddess Emiliana

EmilianaXIII - 100 Years Of Slavery - iWantClips

She is desire.  She is lust.  She is the ultimate temptation, and you would give anything to belong to her forever.  The vampire allure holds powerful sway with so many, and your desire to experience everything gothic and seductive that you associate with the Vampire Goddess Emiliana, has ruined you for any “normal” sexual experience.  An eternity of vampire bliss is what you desire more than anything, and the perfect Temptress is offering you a glimpse of her world.  She will enslave you, feed off you, and use you for whatever she wishes for 100 years.  Behave, obey and give Goddess Emiliana everything she desires and she will turn you.  You will become part of that lustful world of vampires you’ve ached to join for so long. 
Listen as her seductive voice weakens your mind.  Look closely and see the glisten of light from the tips of her wicked fangs.  You want to feel them pierce your skin and take from you, don’t you slave? You can’t take your mind off them and as she licks her lips your cock rages for her.  Surrender to desire.  Beg her to keep you as her personal pet and feeding station for as long as it takes to earn your place in her world.  A woman like Goddess Emiliana is not of this world and her ability to seduce and enslave is all-powerful.  Bow before your Vampire Goddess and spread your legs wide.  Reveal the desire she brings out in you as you throb in her presence.  Close your eyes and feel the sting of her delicious fangs as she feeds from your throbbing cock.  Nothing has ever remotely come close to feeling so good…so right.  100 years or eternity…whatever Goddess wishes.  You belong to her now and will forever.

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Clip Name: 100 Years Of Slavery
Models In The Clip: Goddess Emiliana
Date Reviewed: June 24th, 2017
Where the clip is available: iWantClips
Cost of the clip: $9.99

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