An Introduction to #PSYDOM with Goddess Theodora

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Of course you can’t help but notice the long blonde hair, supermodel beauty and body from the heavens, but there is so much more to Goddess Theodora than just her otherworldly beauty.  As erotic as it can be to have a Dominatrix take, by force, what she desires from her whimpering slave, there is something exceptionally powerful about an intelligent, beautiful woman, manipulating desires and encouraging her pet to push past perceived boundaries to offer her more.  Female domination, as Goddess Theodora so eloquently will explain, is so much more than physical control.  Psychological domination, or Psydom, is a deeper level of submission that is both more powerful, and longer lasting.  Without further adieu, I encourage each of you to read the opening introduction from Goddess Theodora’s blog post below, and then follow the link to read more about this intriguing facet of Female Domination.  But beware, once a woman like Goddess Theodora invades your mind, she will have you bound, restrained and enraptured more completely than any physical binds could ever provide.  Introducing the ultimate Psydom, Goddess Theodora. 

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