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As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at some amazing clips from Kinkbomb and their stunning Dommes.  Every one of these clips was a Top Seller at some point in the year, and continued to dominate sales as slaves everywhere couldn’t resist the stunning Dommes and their remarkably sexy content you’re about to see.  Each of these clips is a genuine “Must Buy” for any slave looking to binge one final time in 2015.  Own every one of these 10 extraordinary clips from the year gone by.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year from Kinkbomb. Much more to come in 2016!

Leave “Her” – Featuring Goddess Kayla Jane


So… the next step in your total submission to me – getting rid of “HER” your ‘woman’ the one that doesn’t understand you and stands in the way of the ultimate position under me. As if you weren’t already totally aware of how much hotter I am, how much more understanding of your fantasies and needs, but above all I am ALL of your fantasies and needs while that woman is nothing but the ball and chain holding you back from salvation, pleasure, and complete surrender to a true GOD/Goddess – ME

Stroke For Your Gorgeous Bikini Goddess – Featuring Princess Rene

Stroke For Your Gorgeous Bikini Goddess

Me in a bikini = mindfucked slave. You become such a drooling little jerk zombie for me when I wear an itty bitty bikini! Today I’ve got on this tiny, new, expensive bikini and its enough to completely mesmerize you. You will be in the jerk zone, utterly oblivious to anything else but my hot body teasing you relentlessly. Deepen your addiction to me and my perfect body, slave boy!

[Includes goddess worship, bikini, female domination, sensual domme, JOI, masturbation instructions, ass worship, cock tease, mesmerize. Shot in HD.]

Punished For My Pasties – Featuring Goddess Kyaa

Punished for My Pasties

To truly understand your place you must suffer. This is how a slave must live, in physical pain and mental anguish, for my pleasure and amusement. Especially when you are graced with something as sacred as the divine beauty of the female form. My young firm breasts are the penultimate icon of female power. One look at the curves of my breasts, graced with pretty black pasties which cover my nipples, and you will be on your knees!

My body is a timeless work of holy art. All must bow before me, paying tithing and suffering in order to worship my blessed existence. The image of my perfect breasts will be burned into your mind as you are made to beat yourself without mercy while I torment you with my divinity.

Breast worship, Kyaaism, brutal corporal punishment instructions and total orgasm denial is what you’ll face in this wickedly sexy video. Of course, you can just jerk off to my perky tits in pasties, but what fun would that be?

(1920x1080p HD wmv – Shot on my Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder in stunning 1080p with crisp, clear stereo audio.)

Contains: breast worship, tits, Goddess worship, religious domination, Kyaaism, Kyaaists, corporal punishment, ball busting, nipple torture, face slapping, kneeling, punishment, torment, physical punishment, humiliation, orgasm denial, tease and denial, lace, strip tease, blondes, hair fetish, Goddess Kyaa

Princess Sheridan Fucks With Your Head – Featuring Princess Sheridan

Princess Sheridan Fucks With Your Head Part 1

Five Part Ego Crushing Series!!! I’m sorry that I’ve been so harsh with you. I’ve called you a loser and a faggot and made fun of your tiny dick and strap-on obsession. I’ve teased you with my body and said that you’d never have me. But I was just playing hard to get. We can be together. Let me show you what you’re going to have every night. Fuck every night. *SPOILER ALERT* You stupid fuck! Did you think I was serious???? This is just the first part of a five part wicked harsh tease and denial super verbally degrading loser beat down. You will feel so low and worthless after this humiliating experience that I don’t know if you can get up the nerve to buy the other four parts! I have faith in you fucking losers…you won’t be able to help yourself.

This series is great to watch all together and edge for 50 minutes. It seems like I’m right there with you. Teasing you, taunting you and making a fool out of you. It’s great if you want to jerk off and cum to each installment too…don’t get Me wrong…but the perfect way to watch it is to save all five clips to a separate file and click “play all”. That’s an option with Windows Media Player and other players too. Then play it back on the biggest screen you have. If you don’t have your computer hooked up to your big screen HD TV yet you are really missing out! You can sit on your couch and play with yourself as I sit across from you and humiliate you. Quite an experience!

Each of the five parts has a little something different to offer. This is a list of fetishes viewed as a whole.

Sexual Rejection, Tease and Denial, Verbal Humiliation, Brat Girls, Boob Worship, Tit Worship, Bra and Panties, Spitting, Love Addiction, Princess Worship, Goddess Worship, Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Embarrassment, Financial Domination, Findom, Mind Fuck, Female Domination, Femdom 

Click Here For Links to each part if that makes it easier for you. A Custom at this length would cost you $500 so consider yourself very lucky. Have fun loser!!!

Stockholm Syndrome: The Complete Transformation – Featuring Mistress B

Stockholm Syndrome: The Complete Transformation

DAY 1: This hopeless creature once had a life outside of my basement. He once had a job, a home, a name. This is all being stripped away from him. Now begins his enigmatic transformation from a pathetic nothing to my devoted slave.

DAY 25: The little whinny bitch is still acting like a little cry baby. He should be grateful for this new life I’m giving him. Today I must increase his training and truly reinforce his transformation. By alternating between abuse and affection, today I destroy his last shred of manhood, his last hope for independence.

DAY 50: Mistress comes home excited to surprise her captive pet with a treat for their 50 Day Anniversary. The first thing slave says after his blindfold and ball gag are removed is not how beautiful Mistress is, not how much he loves Mistress, but that he still requested freedom…!!! Witness my fury unravel.

DAY 80: Today I tell slave how we’re going to play a game, a fun, little game to determine if we have learned to truly trust one another. This game involves restraints and scissors. I can’t help myself, I do love seeing that eager face of his become clouded over with debilitating terror.

DAY 100: Slave’s transformation is complete. Through 100 days of vigorous work and dedication, I have broken this worthless slug, alternating between cruelty and kindness and then remade him into my devoted, worthwhile slave.

Creamy Panties Homewrecker – Featuring Princess Ellie Idol


You’re married and yet you can’t help but jerk off to other women. Watching me pour oil onto my sexy ass and legs makes you want to cheat on the old hag. I want you to take these panties I’m stuffing in my pussy and jerk off with them on your face. You’re going to lick my cream, and once you cum you’ll go kiss your stupid, unsuspecting wife on the lips with that mouth. She’ll never know, but we will. Wreck your home for Ellie, naughty boy.

Includes: ass worship, female domination, homewrecker, legs, lotion/oil fetish, panty stuffing

Love Jerk Hate Repeat – Featuring Miss London Lix

Love Jerk Hate Repeat

It’s a cycle you know all too well. You get horny, you are filled with lust when you read these descriptions and watch these gifs. So you need to jerk off. And it feels SO fucking good to stroke that cock for me, to cum for me. But a few minutes later, the self-disgust sets in. You feel humiliated, angry at yourself, and at me. But ultimately you always come back for more, because you NEED this.

Today I want to hold your hand through this cycle. I don’t want you to run away in shame after your first orgasm. In this clip I’m going to have you cum for me TWICE…once in the first 6 minutes, and again right at the end, with a nice little mindfucking interlude, of course.

Shiny Ass Mind Control – Featuring Goddess Breanna

Shiny Ass Mind Control

MY MOST DANGEROUS CLIP YET! You’ve been warned loser! I have you right where I want you. You are obsessed with my long legs and round perky ass! I use this clip to bring you to your knees both physically and mentally. Your weak mind is no match for my bubble butt in skin tight, shiny pants. You have no choice but to stare and be taken in my flawless body and the hypno wheel.

Get the best experience from this clip by wearing headphones and watching in a dark room where you will not be disturbed.

Breast Mindfuck – Featuring Princess Meggerz

Breast Mindfuck

This is it, you’ll finally get to cum staring at my bare breasts. You’re stroking and you’re holding out to the very end. I work you up and down, instructing you on how to stroke. I want you to hold out until the very end where I bare it all.

10 Humiliating Tasks – Featuring Goddess Violet Doll

10 Humiliating Tasks

Want to make a beautiful woman smile? Complete these 10 humiliating tasks.

Some are easy enough for any of you fuck-ups to accomplish. Others are so brutal, you’ll likely hesitate and fail.

A slow seductive start, leading to a string of commands that will leave you questioning where you went wrong in life. Enjoy!

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