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As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at some amazing clips from Clips4sale and their stunning Dommes.  Every one of these clips was a Top Seller at some point in the year, and continued to dominate sales as slaves everywhere couldn’t resist the stunning Dommes and their remarkably sexy content you’re about to see.  Each of these clips is a genuine “Must Buy” for any slave looking to binge one final time in 2015.  Own every one of these 10 extraordinary clips from the year gone by.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year from Clips4sale. Much more to come in 2016!

Cock Addicts Anonymous – Featuring Mistress Meana Wolf

**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!** It is time to take a searching and fearless moral inventory. You know you’re completely out of control…but you have no idea how to stop. You have no idea how you got here. It used to be so simple…so easy. It started out so innocently too…surfing the internet for a little free porn. It did it for you for a while. It was easy to get off. But soon you grew tired of lesbians…you wanted something a little harder. Watching girls suck and fuck those fat cocks was the new high you needed. But then even that couldn’t satisfy you. You’d spend hours endlessly searching tube sites for the perfect money shot…the perfect dick and face combo to cum too. You started to realize that your porn addiction was getting out of control. Maybe you even set some boundaries for yourself…but you couldn’t stop yourself. You poor thing. You don’t even know what your problem is do you? Your porn addiction is only an extension of your true desires. Your true desire for more and more dick. You’re so hooked on that dick you’d trade your own mother for just a little lick. Well I’m the pusher man. and I’ve got all the rock hard cock you need to get off. If you want it? You’re going to have to surrender and admit that you have a problem. You think you can stop this? haha No no. There’s no hope for you. Stop fighting it…stop denying it. Stop lying to yourself and tell me right here, right now…Tell me that you’re a fucking cock addict. That’s right you little faggot jizz junky. Now come get some of this candy, cock sucker.xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Meana Wolf has all that rock hard cock you need. She knows you better then you know yourself. She strips you of your dignity as she takes advantage of your addiction to pornography. Some straight porn is just a gateway drug…she knows what you really crave. She gives you just a little taste to get you hooked…then she lays that intoxicating cock all over you and demands you identify yourself once and for all as a cock addict. Are you ready to surrender? Are you ready to perform your searching and fearless moral inventory? You’re hard already aren’t you hahah
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Taboo: Daddy I Can’t Sleep – Featuring Mistress Mandy Flores

Mandy I am hoping you can do this for me, its something that actually happened with my daughter when she had just turned 18 and was living with me after her mom and I had divorced. It was a few years ago but I still think about it and fantasize about it almost every day. I was ashamed at first for being so weak but I would never take it back now that it has happened.

Her parents are separated and daughter is staying at Dad’s for the weekend at his new place for the first time. She cant sleep because its a new place and comes in Dad’s room, he’s startled and tries not to let daughter knows he was masturbating. He gives her some ideas and she said she tried them all. He tells her to try to masturbate, that always helps daddy fall asleep. She doesn’t seemed shocked at all for some reason, but says she’s never done that before. He explains without touching her and she goes to her room to try, but nothing is happening for her. She goes back into daddy’s room without knocking and he covers up quickly again. This time he is a little impatient. She says its not working. I think Im not doing it right…she pulls down her underwear and shows him. Hes uncomfortable and wants to send her away but he notices that she’s rubbing it dry and realizes that might be the problem. He moves her fingers for her and gives her some saliva to use. oooooh, she says. mmmmmmmm that feels MUCH better! Ok daddy, thank you, I’ll go back to room, good night I love you. She goes back to room, tries again but she has some questions….

She walks back into daddy’s room and actually catches him masturbating this time. Oh Im sorry daddy, you cant sleep either huh? She gets into bed and Dad jumps out. You need to go to bed! She ignores him and says It felt good what he showed her but nothing is happening. Maybe if you do it…… She shows him her pussy. Dad looks at his daughters pussy, surprised how clean shaven it is. He is so overwhelmed with testosterone from being in the middle of masturbating he cant think straight. He touches it lightly and really sees how she has blossomed into a young woman, and much she resembles her mother when she was that age. Its okay daddy, I know you are just showing me to help me fall asleep. You’re not doing anything wrong, I’m asking you to do it. He starts to finger her and she begins to moan…he cant resist his growing temptations to taste her, he says if he licks her clit that will make her cum very quickly. She has her first amazing orgasm.

He tells her that she should be able to fall asleep now, but she asks to see her daddy’s penis first. Please daddy? Daddy reluctantly pulls it out, only half hard because of the confusion he feels. Can I touch it daddy? She grabs it with curiosity and begins to stroke it, then she licks it and begins to suck it. Daddy is loving how good is daughter is at sucking his cock and doesn’t stop her…. Daddy? I don’t mind if you want to put that in my pussy. I want you to do it, nobody will ever love me as much as you do, and I want my first time to be special she encourages him, its ok, I know you miss mommy and you can pretend I am her…this doesn’t feel wrong to me at all. She climbs onto her daddy and slips it in and she moans at the feel of her dads huge penis and daddy cant believe how tight and wet her pussy is. Do I remind you of Mommy? Fuck me like you would mommy, I’ve heard her cumming like crazy so many times with you and have dreamed about doing this since I was 15 She rides daddy until she has cum twice and then he flips her over and pounds her doggy until she screams in orgasm again. Oh fuck daddy! He doesn’t want to cum in her so he asks if she wants to taste cum for the first time. Yes! He blows his cum in his daughter’s mouth and she tastes and plays with it.

After daddy has cum he begins to realize what he’s done and begs her to not tell anyone. Don’t worry daddy, we didn’t do anything wrong, I wont tell anyone, they wouldn’t understand. It’ll be our secret. She starts to leave when she notices it has made it past midnight You know what day it is now daddy? Happy fathers Day! She hugs him and he sits there in shock with his head in his hands.

*Mandy Flores*

Masturbation Instruction Compilation 2015 – Featuring Goddess Alexandra Snow

This is my single most popular compilation and it’s back for 2016! This price will only be valid until Dec 31, so get it before it goes to full price! This is the absolute BEST compilation I’ve put out to date and it’s available for a discounted price as my Christmas gift to you. This is a solid ONE HOUR of masturbation instruction with twists and turns at every step. How many times can I make you edge in one hour? How long will I make you endure for the pleasure of a single release? There are over 30 different clips in this one video and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Latex, leather, lingerie, high heels, nylons.. and my raw, dripping power that pulls you deep into my control. Let’s see if your cock can handle 60 straight minutes of masturbation control.

Finger Fucked Prostate – Featuring Mistress Valentina

Mistress Valentina’s slave didn’t think she was telling the truth when he was told the only way he would be allowed to cum was like a bitch. He will never think twice about believing his Mistress again as he lays spread eagle and helpless with 3 fingers fucking his tight hole to orgasm.

Service My Stud – Featuring Lady Fyre

I’ve come to know you & how your mind works. I’ve decided that it would be best for you & for me if you also serve my stud. Admire his body, the way his muscles ripple, the way his body shines in all this oil. His perfectly formed ass. Then admire his big, hard cock. It’s ready for your lips. Open wide & suck it. I’ll fulfill your fantasy if you do exactly as I say. You’re going to open wide for him, and you’re going to cum at exactly the same time as him, while imagining his cum sliding down your throat. Then you’ll lick up all the cum off my dress. See how good it feels to admit who you are? Lady Fyre
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Dark Magic – Featuring Princess Ceara Lynch

Buyer beware! I’m about to cast a wicked spell on you. Turning you into a mindless, cock sucking zombie for my amusement and pleasure. You can’t resist my seductive charms, no matter how evil my intentions are. I am your dark goddess, your witch. There’s no escaping my commands once you watch this clip.

Black Cuckold Cocksucker – Featuring Mistress T

Cuckolding + Forced Bi + Interracial. Need I say more? Okay…there’s a creampie too. Male forced cocksucking. Fucking. Just get this amazing vid, who the hell knows when you’ll get something this epic again.

Expert Cock Tease- Featuring Miss Kelle Martina

My slave hasn’t cum all week, in heady anticipation of seeing me again. I take my time teasing his throbbing cock. I use my whole body as a tease and denial tool. I rub my fingertips against his glans, rub the crotch of my satin panties against him, use my ample breasts, my silky stocking feet, and my teasing voice. For 15 grueling minutes I tease his cock to the edge. Will I ever allow him to cum or with he tremble with need all night?

The queen of tease is at it again.

cock tease | handjobs | tease and denial | dirty talk | edging games | lingerie | satin panties | cock control | real female domination

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Mea Culpa – Featuring Mistress Gaia

THIS CLIP HELD THE #1 POSITION IN WHIPPING CATEGORY! I’m tired of the constant neglect of this slave, he continues to commit always the same stupid mistakes.The punishment I have in store for him will be a dose of lashes that she will not easily forget, just a word to stop me. Will this filthy worm be able to resist until I feel satisfied? Or will he beg My forgiveness? Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia
Category: WHIPPING

Brain Wash: Jerk It – Featuring Goddess Bratty Bunny

You will be induced and put into a hypnosis for me. I will tell you to stroke and jerk it for me. I want you to be completely relaxed and focused on me. There’s no way out of it now, There’s no way to escape. You are mine to take control of. You are mine forever. I will break it down to you so you can only jerk off to me, every day you will be reminded of my powers over you. Every where you look, you will see me.

Category: MIND FUCK

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